Amy (amyura) wrote in intellipregnant,

Crap :(

I'm a day or two shy of 8 weeks. I'm bleeding, lightly, for the second day (not steadily-- I bled a little yesterday and a little today). That's the only symptom, and it's not heavily. I've still been experiencing nausea as I have through my entire pregnancy.

I'm so torn. I am really really really tempted to have this checked out. But another part of me is saying to just wait until my first MW appointment this coming Friday.

Background: with my first baby, we had a scare at 6-7 weeks, less spotting than I'm currently having, they did an ultrasound that showed a too-slow heartbeat. The result of that pregnancy is now a lovely, healthy, amazing toddler.



EDIT: I know that there's nothing that can be done to prevent an early miscarriage. It's more about knowing. At any rate, I'm waiting until tomorrow and then I may call my MW. Thanks to all who replied.
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