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PAINFUL internal exam

Before I get into this, I want to say that I LOVE my birth center and everyone who works there, except for a single nurse-midwife. She was rude and condescending to me at my 16 week checkup, but I thought maybe it was a personality clash or she was having a bad day, so I shrugged it off.

However, last week, at my 35 week checkup, her attitude hadn't changed. What's more, after a painful external exam during which she said she couldn't tell the difference between the baby's head and bottom (I tried to tell her that Violet's been head down for the past month, but she ignored/didn't hear me), she said she wanted to do an internal exam. It quickly became excruciating, and she rolled her eyes at me as I squirmed in pain on the table. She then quickly sat me up and said she'd had forced my cervix open so she could reach inside, but hadn't felt any part of the baby (I tried to say of course not, she's not engaged yet, but again I was ignored/not heard) and wanted to order an ultrasound. I should have asked for a second opinion from one of the other nurse-midwives, but at that point I was tired, extremely sore, and more than ready to go home. I've already requested that she never examine me again, but in the meantime:

My question is this: have any of you ever heard of a pregnant woman's cervix being forced open during an internal exam for ANY reason?

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