vegan mama (amazing_angela) wrote in intellipregnant,
vegan mama

treating a yeast infection during pregnancy

Hi! I found this community and it seems to be aligned with my personal beliefs and interests in natural pregnancy/birth AND intelligible writing!

Quick intro: I'm 25 and my first child, Nathan, is due August 18, so I don't have a lot of time left! That's ok, because I've been doing tons of reading, attending classes, and spending a lot of time preparing my body for labor and delivery through deep relaxation/guided imagery, swimming, yoga, and eating (and supplementing) as healthfully as I possibly can.

Despite all this, I still have a million questions and that's why I'm glad to find an open-minded, intelligent pregnancy community. My issue today is as follows:

My OB suspects I have a slight yeast infection and prescribed Diflucan for me, but before I go that route I wanted to see about treating it myself, since it's not severe. Other than taking acidophilus and perhaps applying a tea tree preparation (I have straight essential oil and Derma E's Tea Tree & E creme -- which should I use?), can any of you suggest anything? Do you know if it is ok for me to take, or somehow apply topically, colloidal silver? Unfortunately, my edition of _Prescription for Nutritional Healing_ does not really discuss how to treat yeast infections during pregnancy. (I am vegan...please keep this in mind when making suggestions.)

Thanks so much in advance!
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